Case study: Michael Fitzgibbon

Michael Fitzgibbon, MD at 440Hz Collective

I briefly flirted with working in the music industry around 15 years ago DJing around Teesside and beyond for 2-3 years before moving into a what I thought was a more secure profession in sales. I was actually very successful and worked with some great people and companies but something was just not right, it missed a spark. I spent most of the money I earned on music, whether on vinyl, CD’s, merchandise & festivals and the passion to be involved first hand burned bright. I also felt that I would like to see more of the rewards of my drive and enthusiasm first hand rather than being a number on a large companies pay roll. So when the credit crunch hit the UK and an opportunity for me to leave my position and take redundancy I took a massive gamble and jumped ship.

Why did you sign up for MMBE?

I already have good business skills in the commercial world which are all transferable, what I lacked was the inside knowledge on how the music industry is ran behind the singles and album sales, gigs & TV etc. I bought a couple of books, enrolled at Uni on a Music Production degree and started to go to regular Generator events to scope out the best way forward. To be honest I was amazed how large and diverse the industry is. With so many different opportunities to get involved, in I needed to focus on what would be the best path for me to take. It was a massive change of direction for me and I needed all the help I could get in a short space of time.

How has MMBE helped your musical career?

With every session my mind was blown away with the quality of information being delivered by Mark the course tutor. The speakers brought in from top level positions in major labels and publishers was exactly what I was looking for – to be able to tap into the best knowledge available face to face. As the course progressed, I formulated my business plan to form 440Hz Collective, a collective of upcoming Music Producers with a varied skill set to be able to tackle commercial briefs for specific audio requests and build a library of tracks available to licence on a commercial level, alongside other revenue streams like gigs, publishing, synchronisation, song writing and training. I’ve always worked on the basis of it’s not what you know it’s who know that enables you to be successful and the MMBE has given me the opportunity to make so many new amazing contacts that I would still be staring into those books scratching my head at where to start.

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