MMBE Belfast: In the Students’ Own Words









“I’ve found the course to be an invaluable source of information.  The tutors are very approachable and have a wealth of experience within the music industry.  There is Individual support and an on-line learning zone which is key to the delivery of the course.  Everything you need to know about the industry is covered. Last but not least the course is fun and a great networking opportunity.”
Adele Ingram, One-A-Chord Music 

“Above all, the course provides an up to date and detailed overview of what is a complex and fast changing music industry. Course tutors are not academics, but rather Industry people who actively involved within the Industry on a day to day basis and they’ll help you grapple with any difficult subjects such as publishing or legal contracts. Excellent online resources also which will help you plot a more efficient ‘route to market’ with your project.” 
Kyle Leitch, Bang the Drum

“If you are looking for a course that covers every aspect of the music industry in enough detail to get you started then this is it. No matter what genre or aspect of the business you are involved in or want to be involved in, then it’s here” 
Lyndon Stephens, Champion Sound Recordings

“An essential course for understanding a complex but potentially rewarding creative industry. Don’t be pressured into taking the wrong deal but instead know your options so multiple income streams can be utilised effectively.”  
Dave McCullough, Urban Niche

“Doing the MMBE course has really ‘sealed up’ that hearsay / word of mouth knowledge that you get plenty of as your finding your way within music and business. The course leaders / lecturers have a wealth of experience and knowledge. They also give you an abundance of much appreciated individual time and attention when asked questions, or when they are presented by current situations or issues. The like minded people you meet on the course has already become a friendly network of people planning to do work together within music.”
John Ross, The Jammhouse

“The MMBE Course is an essential tool for all people wanting to gain a full and concise insight of the Music Industry and its workings. The firsthand knowledge that is passed on by the Instructors and guest music industry professionals will aid anyone that is either a novice or seasoned individual in their goal to successfully manage a music business.”  
Mark Langham, music manager 

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