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Can You Manage?

MMBE Course Director, Damian Baetens, along with other industry experts, has offered some wise words of advice for aspiring music managers on the excellent IdeasTap site.

The blog article, serves as a great ‘dos and don’ts’ style checklist. There are two units in MMBE dedicated to music management to give students a more thorough understanding of the area.

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MMBE Student Grant is a Fiend for Digital Marketing

Regular readers of the MMBE blog, may remember Grant Brydon who passed the first MMBE course at Gateshead College. In our previous catch up, he talked about the benefits of the course and how it had “opened his eyes”. We were pleased to hear that Grant has gone to put his new-found knowledge into practice and has launched a new digital marketing company, Fiend Digital.


Here he talks about his new venture…

“Fiend Digital is a digital communications and online public relations company for musicians, labels and managers. We focus on building up artists fan-bases by implementing bespoke strategies formed on a case-to-case basis.

We believe that in today’s ever competitive marketplace it is becoming increasingly important for artists to build their own brand and fan base to back up their talent before approaching labels, publishers or other external platforms for release, and run an affordable range of services to assist artists in doing so.

Our services include:

Strategy: Helping to timeline and plan a marketing campaign, whether this be specifically targeted to the release of a single/mixtape/album or just ongoing fan base building.

Online PR: Writing press releases and compiling press packs for content and then delivering to blogs and websites. Mailing lists for releases are compiled specific to the artist and their work, based on which sites their target audience will identify and where they are most likely to receive positive results.

Social Media Services: Assistance in the running of social media accounts for artists, advising in how best to utilize and grow these vital online avenues. This can include anything from social media strategy to looking after accounts and updating on the artists behalf, depending on the preference of the client.

Digital Content Creation: Helping to identify suitable content to assist an artists campaign that will interest their target audience and help to keep fans engaged both on the run up to, and between, releases.

We are currently operating with a very varied roster of artists nationwide including Trafik, Barzin, Verbal Contact, This Ground Moves as well as clients such as Triptik Records and Bad Taste Cru, and we also act as management for Distinction.”

Grant has a background in urban music journalism, and has been running his own internationally respected hip-hop blog,, for the past few years, as well as contributing weekly columns to SB.TV (‘Mixtape Mondays’ and ‘Ones To Watch’) covering a wider variety of genres, and industry tastemaker blog ‘The Tipping Point’ run by Generator.

For more information please head to / or contact

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You Me at 6

This week we asked our very own Bob Allan from Generator to guest post for us on the topic of BBC 6 Music and their 10th birthday… Take it away Bob!

BBC 6 Music celebrated it’s 10th birthday this week two years after the station was threatened with closure, it was rightfully saved by the overwhelming response from it’s listeners supporting this special place on the digital airwaves.

The station deserves to be celebrated for its John Peel-esque eclecticism, its passionate presenters, its home for the alternative but most of all for its huge support of new music. If you’re a DIY musician, Record Label, Publisher or Manager then radio is a really important platform giving exposure to new artists and for collecting royalties.

6 Music is heavily involved in BBC Introducing that gives the opportunity for new music to be played on national radio and Tom Robinson’s show is an incredibly important part of this. The show plays all new music and feeds into a network of DJs both at 6 Music and Radio 1 who can give spot plays on daytime shows. It’s not only BBC Introducing that plays new music on the station, if your music is great, sent in the right way and targeted at the right DJ then the specialist evening shows and presenters give play to new music they like. Check my toolkit on ‘How to… send your music to radio’

This is why 6 Music should be celebrated: it gives a national voice for new alternative music.

I’ve had the pleasure of my music being played on 6 Music, the first time in 2008 by Tom Robinson and it gave me and my band a big confidence boost, we then got invited for an interview and after working at Generator sending Tom loads of music from the region I got the chance to co-present a whole show of North East music with him. The passion and enthusiasm for new music from the presenters along with playing the what they want from the best of what has been is really what sets this station apart.

Happy birthday 6 Music, your ten years are truly worth celebrating. Here’s to ten more.

Enjoy Bob’s post? Keep up to date with his goings on via his Twitter

Bob Allan : Support musicians working at @GeneratorNE / Plays Bass in@young_liar / Runs a Record Label @thecalicoprint / Manages @vinyljacketuk / Promoter @monthoffridays

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Case study: Kimberley Barton

Kimberley Barton, BerleyMusic

Music is something I have always wanted to be involved in since I was young, but god knows I can’t sing and trying to learn the guitar

proved a little bit too difficult with my tiny fingers. I have friends who are artists in their own right and I have always wanted to be involved in any way that I can but I knew my musical talent wasn’t going to get me there. MMBE just seemed an amazing option for me.

Why did you sign up for MMBE?

The course details for MMBE just had everything under one umbrella it was something new and exciting for all ages and experiences the only requirement was to bring your passion for music business with you. If you’re seriously interested in getting involved within the music industry MMBE gives you all the tools and knowledge you need and more to be successful with that, there isn’t anything like this around for general folk.

How has MMBE helped your musical career?

MMBE has helped me a lot in many ways; it sent me in to the world of music with knowledge about all the little and big things that you seriously need to think about when you are working with artists, venues and so on. It’s given me the confidence to be honest with what I do and don’t like, what brings the money in and what doesn’t. Throughout the course MMBE brought in experts who talked you through the ins and outs of different parts of the industry from Managers, Promoters, Pluggers and website designers. Meeting these
You meet other people on the course just as passionate as you, all wanting to be in other aspects of the industry and the course covers every area. You make great friends, you help each other along the way and even maybe end up working together. Our tutor Mark was amazing – funny and consistent -he helped me a lot through my course and I am I sure I helped give him a head ache! I am now working with people from all different parts of the industry and I am loving every moment, if it wasn’t for me joining MMBE I would still be dreaming about it.

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Case study: Mark Elliott

Mark Elliott, Manager of The Watchers.

I’m a big fan of live music and have been gigging and collecting since I was a kid. For the last 10 years I’ve began promoting on a small scale to help push local music as the North East was often missed out by touring bands. I was nearly always losing money as a promoter but I didn’t mind as I treated it like a hobby more than a business.

Through promoting I got to know a few local bands and when one band one in particular was looking for a manager, they thought I fitted the bill. I had no direct experience as a manager but I did have a great deal of enthusiasm for music, and having worked in a managerial position elsewhere, I took on the position.

Why did you sign up for MMBE? 

I knew about Generator as I had already been coming to seminars and learning about putting on events and listening to the talks they put on because I worked as a promoter. Through a little more research and by contacting the likes of Business Link etc, I found out about the MMBE course. I knew this would be highly important if I was serious about what I considered ultimately to be a change in career (if it went well enough), and so I signed up.

How has MMBE helped your music career? 

The course went into detail on almost every aspect of the music industry and brought in some fantastic professionals to share their experiences. Not only that, but meeting other people on the course allowed me to make more excellent local contacts. These people all took the business seriously and wanted to be successful in their chosen areas, which were wide ranging within the industry (performers, producers, managers, teaching, marketing etc), and the course was relevant to us all. We still keep in contact and have set up social network group in order to share continued experiences and good practice now that the course has finished. The main tutor for the course, Mark Hobrough was superb, always willing to help in any way, and as someone who has worked on many different levels within the industry I found his experience and input invaluable.

Through working and completing the MMBE course, I have now taken The Watchers to another level and we have greatly improved our contacts and ability to market ourselves. Everything from a building a business plan in order to move forward, to what sort of content to have on our revamped website. On top of that I feel I am now able to look at consider avenues of income not just by managing the band, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course, it has given me some sound knowledge to help progress within the music industry.

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